123 Wynford Drive is a culturally significant building with rich history. Designed by the award-winning Raymond Moriyama, the 1963-built structure was home to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Moriyama, who went on to found Moriyama and Teshima Architects, is renowned for his architectural contributions around the world including the near by Aga Khan Museum and Ontario Science Centre. In 2001 the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre moved to a larger facility and Moriyama & Teshima oversaw a renovation of the building to provide a new home to the Noor Cultural Centre. The Noor Cultural Centre shifted to virtually offered programming in 2020 and closed the facility shortly thereafter.

Moriyama & Teshima is now redesigning 123 Wynford once again, continuing their architectural legacy and vision on site.


Due to the shift to virtual events, the Noor Cultural Centre decided to sell the site in October 2021. Most of their programming, including the children's Islamic school, adult Quranic Arabic class, and discussion events have been able to continue online with minor adjustments.

On an interim basis, we would be pleased to lease the space to a cultural or community organization while we consider redevelopment plans for the site.


123 Wynford has been an important architectural and cultural landmark in the neighbourhood for decades. Two new residential buildings will honour the past while bringing new opportunities by contributing expansive, publicly accessible outdoor space on the site.

The partially preserved existing building will ground one of the towers. The surface parking lots on the current site will be renaturalized for community members and wildlife to enjoy.



Moriyama & Teshima have been hired as the design architect for the project, continuing the firm's legacy at 123 Wynford. The proposal will incorporate a portion of the existing building into the eastern tower and provide enhanced outdoor public space, merging together Moriyama & Teshima's past and present architectural vision, style and approach to the site.


A significant portion of the development's surface parking will be removed and will be renaturalized. We also see an opportunity for a publicly accessible space in the ravine to the south of the site, which could include a series of walkways, staircases and other outdoor features for the community to enjoy.


The scope of the proposal at 123 Wynford will allow for significant outdoor space to be made accessible to the public. This includes the potential for interconnected paths through the ravine, to improve the daily walking commute to and from the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. We look forward to hearing from the community and City Staff about priorities, as we work through the planning process.

Building view - front entrance


Building 2

48 and 55-storey residential buildings

Building 1148

bike parking spaces

Building 455

car parking spaces

Residential Units 1126

new residential units










This timeline includes milestones and upcoming opportunities to engage regarding the proposal, which will be updated as the project proceeds through the application process.


A redevelopment application includes many different aspects as it moves through the approvals process. Check here for our planning application submission documents and presentation materials.


Our vision is to redevelop the site with a 48- and a 55-storey residential building. This will include architectural preservation, with the new development incorporating portions of the original structure in-situ and dismantling and reinstating other key features.

Underground parking will improve pedestrian accessibility and safety in and around the site. It is an 8-minute walk to the Wynford Stop of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, which will greatly reduce the need for vehicle use.

No. The Noor Cultural Centre decided to sell the site after extensive consideration in late 2021. They have since moved their organization online and operate their programming virtually. There are no plans at this time to move to a new physical space.

The application for this proposal was submitted in July 2022 to the City of Toronto for their review.

We anticipate that planning approvals will take approximately 18-24 months. No construction would take place before all necessary approvals are received. We are committed to sharing the latest information as we proceed through this process.

Moriyama & Teshima, the architect who designed the original site in 1963, have been retained as the project design architect. In their new design, a portion of the existing building will be incorporated into the podium of the eastern tower, and the spirit of the connection between the building and nature will be maintained.

Visit the Contact Us form to ask us your questions and provide feedback about the proposal.

The site's proximity to ravine systems provides an opportunity to continue a green connection for the neighbourhood. The creation of new staircases and walkways through the naturalized area will create a publicly accessible space and improve pedestrian connectivity through the site and to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. This will continue to evolve as the design concept is refined through the planning process.


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